HSEQ Management System

The HSEQ Management System and associated procedures/instructions apply to all activities managed worldwide by the Company and/or any of its subsidiaries, sister companies, agents, partners and sub-contractors.

The Company’s Core Business is to provide world-class Engineering/Audits/Services, and Training to its customers. This sets the Company apart providing our customers with innovative and cost effective solutions for their projects.

The Company’s commitment to modern management systems for the assurance of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality is fundamental to the successful execution of our contracts.

The aim of the Company's management is that these services and documentation shall conform to the specified requirements of the Company and its customers, to good engineering/training practices and to regulatory standards.

To achieve and maintain a high level of performance, a HSEQ Management System consisting of Manual, Policies, Management & Organization Procedures and Work Instructions has been implemented to define the standards required by the Company's Management and individual employees and by which to measure day-to-day performance.

These procedures also promote a better understanding of the tasks and objectives of each individual. The same standards will serve to create a mutual confidence between the Company and its Customers and will ensure that the role and obligations of the Company are clearly understood.


HSEQ, a line management responsibility, requires visible commitment, leadership and involvement. Our proactive HSEQ culture shall be understood, shared and practiced by all employees as an integral part of everyday business. Fundamentally, this culture is our belief that all losses of people, property and process result from management failure and are preventable.

Additionally, GTI CONSULTANCY SERVICES follow the ten (10) principles of Enhanced Safety Management:

• Sound Safety Policy

• Realistic Safety Targets and Objectives

• Visible Management Commitment to Safety

• Safety is a Line Management Responsibility

• Competent Safety Advisors/Leads

• Effective Safety Training

• Effective Motivation and Communication

• High, Well Understood Safety Standards

• Techniques to Measure Standards and Practices

• Thorough Accident Investigation and Follow-up

Strategy: Environment Goal Zero

GTI Consultancy Services and by extension GTIS Group is committed to operate with a clear objective of Environment Goal Zero, declined through the Green Program.

• 100% Compliance with laws & regulations

• Zero Operational Impact on Environment

• Aligning and updating our objectives on last COP statements

• Local (Philippines) Objectives

■ Respecting and Complying with Philippine Constitution and Laws (RA 9003, RA 6969, RA 8749, RA 9275)

■ Pollution Control Officers to implement & supervise the lawful duty to protect the Environment

• International Objective: Full Compliance with ISO-14001 requirements though the Company is not certified to date



We envision a Quality and Service culture that enables us to exceed customer expectations, actively involve and empower all employees in the continuous improvement process, and enhance profitable growth.

To enact this vision, GTI Consultancy Services will:

• Define and respond to customer expectations

• Adapt to changing and expanding business conditions and market opportunities

• Differentiate our service capability from the competition

• Be a recognized industry leader in HSEQ

The Company has always made a strong commitment to safety management. Safety management has been strengthened by adopting elements of other recognized successful industry processes; most notably, a more visible role by management in planning, accountability and follow up.


Our HSEQ mission is to ensure that Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental considerations remain top priorities for management and for all employees. Prevention of accidental risk and loss from process failure becomes a recognized, integral part of our continuous improvement culture.